forth (Timisoara) and fifth (Sibiu) stations in romania passed

Endliche Automaten finally had some time today to update this blog. We succesfully played in Timisoara (23th) at the preview event of Simultan Festival for Media Art and Music in Romania. Timisoara is a beautiful romanian city near the border to hungary. It has very nice Art Nouveau buildings in its core city. Unfortunately our tourbus had some problems starting the engine after the concert. After a hard night our driver called Renault Services, who needed one hour to figure out, what the problem was. The next morning we could head off to Sibiu a city 450km away from Timisoara. It took almost half a day to get there, because Romania has no highways and therefore the streets are very crowded. We saw a truck from Turkey inbetween. Then around 1800 we arrived in Sibiu and the concert started at 1930. The promotion in Sibiu was very professional and even the national TV was there. Yesterday (25th) we had forst contact with the romanian composer yvat. Today everybody is enjoying the first freetime. Tomorrow we will heading to Ruse (Bulgaria).