new live Video – online . from the Composition Journey

here comes a new video from the composition journey 2009 . this is part of the road movie
of our travel in 2009, where we meet with eastern european composers and created
their compositions in their country..

On top we played a concert, this one is from Czech Republic in Usti nad Labem, in the Amarturka Venue.

new press article

Die Rheinpfalz / March 2011

Read it as a PDF

We are preparing some special concerts with the theme LIZST later this year,
and we are performing at the Schönberger Musikfestival in July 2011.

Endliche Automaten live @ Sinus Ton Festival 2010

We will play a very special concert on saturday, october 16th, at Sinus Ton Festival 2010 in Magdeburg, Germany. Visuals will be arranged live by video artists Telematique & u-matic. The concert will start 22.30 pm at Schauspielhaus Magdeburg.

DVD order and some shops

Our new Composition Journey DVD is now available HERE.
You can also get a copy at Dense Store in Berlin
and at the Klanggarten Store in Leipzig: Könneritzstraße 63 || 04229 Leipzig–Schleußig. Also in Leipzig @ MZIN STORE

Composition Journey . middle eastern europe 2009 . endliche automaten

film premiere . endliche automaten . kompositionsreise 2009

Filmpremiere im Luru Kino Leipzig
Endliche Automaten . Laptoporchester Berlin:
Composition Journey 2009/ 55 Min. / D 2010 / Regie: Hagen Wiel.

Luru Kino Leipzig.
Spinnereistr. 7, Haus 18
Leipzig Plagwitz

am 05. März 2010

21.00 Uhr
19.00 Uhr (Presse und Invitations)

Der Film über das Berliner Laptoporchester „Endliche Automaten“ zeigt die verschiedenen Stationen seiner Kompositionsreise im Frühling des vergangenen Jahres und nimmt die Zuschauer mit auf eine musikalische Reise durch Mittel- und Südosteuropa. Die Route führt unter anderem durch Pécs, Hermannstadt und Osijek; so standen in Ungarn, Rumänien, Kroatien, der Tschechischen Republik und Bulgarien Konzerte auf dem Spielplan, bei denen die Zuhörer Eigenkompositionen und genuin osteuropäische Klangbilder “erhören“ konnten.

Die DVD inkl. Film mit Bonusmaterial ist ab dem 20. März erhältlich.

december 2009 articles in german mags

in december we´ve got 2 mayor articles in german magazines..

one with a lot of pictures at the Berliner Akzente Online Mag: called “Wo Laptops die erste Geige spielen”

and the second with less pictures and some (less say) struggling informations (but still worth reading..)
at the south german SÜDKURIER
check here the link:

happy reading..

Deutschlandfunk Radioessay Corso

The german premiere of the eastern European Compositions was made by the Endliche Automaten – Laptoporchester Berlin at the HartwareMedienKunst Verein in Dortmund in 28th of August 2009. Before the concert the german Radio Station Deutschlandfunk made an Interview about the Laptoporchester in general and the Composition Journey through middle and Eastern Europe. You are able to listen the Interview here.

Deutsche Welle Radio about Endliche Automaten

The German Radio Station Deutsche Welle broacasted in May an Article about the Composition Journey. The Journalist meets us in Sibiu / Romania and spoke with 3 Members about the Music, Intention and the Composition Journey in general. Listen the Radio Broadcast or read the Article European Radio Network

Back in Berlin, relaxed and ready for new stuff!

We are all back in Berlin and Leipzig from the last station of our instant composing tour through southeast europe in Russe, Bulgaria. We enjoyed some more days there and had even a day off (=freetime) after the fantastic concert in Russe. We never had such a mixed audience, where you could see over 50-years olds and teenagers.

All in all the composition tour was a very unique and marvellous experiece for all members. There will be a documentationd DVD directed by Hagen Wiel. The next steps are: Presentations concert in autumn 2009, recording session for DVD in Summer. For more personal views see i.e Stephane Leonards blog.

more pics here.

forth (Timisoara) and fifth (Sibiu) stations in romania passed

Endliche Automaten finally had some time today to update this blog. We succesfully played in Timisoara (23th) at the preview event of Simultan Festival for Media Art and Music in Romania. Timisoara is a beautiful romanian city near the border to hungary. It has very nice Art Nouveau buildings in its core city. Unfortunately our tourbus had some problems starting the engine after the concert. After a hard night our driver called Renault Services, who needed one hour to figure out, what the problem was. The next morning we could head off to Sibiu a city 450km away from Timisoara. It took almost half a day to get there, because Romania has no highways and therefore the streets are very crowded. We saw a truck from Turkey inbetween. Then around 1800 we arrived in Sibiu and the concert started at 1930. The promotion in Sibiu was very professional and even the national TV was there. Yesterday (25th) we had forst contact with the romanian composer yvat. Today everybody is enjoying the first freetime. Tomorrow we will heading to Ruse (Bulgaria).

third station osijek (croatia)

Today 19th, after two days of concentrated rehearsals and instant composing with Kristof Weber in Pecs (Hungary), we arrived in Osijek a croatian city near the border to hungary. Osijek is a 120000 people big city at the river Drava. Our hostel, which acutally looks like a hotel is in an area, which is called Tvrđa an old stronghold. We ate together with our local manager Bettina and the two croatian composers; we also checked the venue, which is a huge old brickstone storehouse. Tomorrow is the concert!

Barutana, Osijek 2009

second station: Pécs

We are now in Pécs a very picturesque city with beautiful people and played yesterday in a concert hall called “House of Artists”. We played “Discordia, One River’s Story, Smoke). The applause was great and we played “Ursonate” as a encore and the applause was again great. But after the concert the people all disappeared… First contact with the local composer Kristof Weber is established. Weber is a classical trained composer so the needs are different to Prof. Neutrino our czech composer. Today the rehearsals for the new piece are beginning!

composition journey – first station ..

We are back in Germany for a short break on our Composition Journey trough middle and  south eastern europe.. the first compostion is done – we have worked with the composer Peter Mares at the radio studio from the Czech State Radio in Usti. Monday the 6st april the opening concert was a blast.. we played in Usti nad Labem a small Industrial Town in Czech Republic near the german border. To be informed you always invited to point your browers to the official blog from the Robert Bosch Foundation ..  see you at the next stations!!


Final rehearsals for composition transit south-east europe finished! Yvat from romania and his friends visited us during the rehearsals in the “Electronic Church”. Thanks for coming and looking forward to meet again in Sibiu, Romania!

April 2009: Middle and East European Composition Travel Project

06.4. : Ústí nad Labem / Czech Republic: Armaturka
16.4. : Pécs / Hungary: Müvészetek és Irodalom Hásza
20.4. : Osijek / Croatia: Barutana
23.4. : Timisoara / Romania: Simultan Festival 2009
24.4. : Sibiu / Romania: Teatrul GONG
30.4. : Ruse / Bulgaria: Elias Canetti-Haus